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Innovative packaging: Frim farm to fork Innovative packaging: Frim farm to fork
Porject structure diagram
WP6. Intelligent packaging
The objective of WP6 is to create package integrated systems indicating that the quality of the packaged food product has been maintained throughout the distribution chain. New visual/measurable indicators that are sensitive to substances indicating food quality and that will ensure the safe function of the food packaging system created in the project will be developed. The objective will be realized by innovations generated during the project and by combining increased knowledge with expertise about intelligent indicators based on chemical and/or enzymatic reactions and their formulation to mass produced concepts.
WP7. Evaluation of environmental and social impacts
In WP7, recyclability and re-use possibilities of the developed products will be evaluated. Life cycle assessment will be used to improve waste materials management through recycling or reusing processes.
WP8. Dissemination
The objective of WP8 is to ensure right development and impact of project dissemination activities. The objective is to allow for a wide dissemination of results through different channels matched to the knowledge level of the recipient. During the project two Strategic Conferences, three Newsletter and the NAFISPACK website will be launch
Projects Structure

The Project is divided in 8 Work Packages (WPs)

WP0. Management
The overall objective is to ensure that the objectives of the different Work Packages are reached and activities complete in accordance with the time schedule and the deliverables and milestones are reported.
WP1. WP1. Evaluation of suitability of Natural Antimicrobials and their selection
The overall strategy of WP1 is to provide the right inputs to the activities of the others WPs, selecting the natural antimicrobial (NA) substances for target microorganism, target food and the chosen packaging materials, having the highest possibilities of being successfully incorporated in final package and being effective in real applications. The activities of this WP, in part, will precede the ones of all the others WPs and in part will be parallel.
WP2. Development of effective active materials
The main objective of WP2 is to develop polymeric active materials which contain the antimicrobial agent selected or polymers, which are antimicrobial by themselves.
Results in WP4 and WP5 may be used to re-activate the work here.
WP3. Packaging system design
The objective of this WP regards design and up-scaling of packaging process systems for the polymer/AN additive systems, presented and/or developed in WP 1, 2 and 6. The up scaling will be performed on pilot plants. Finally, implementation preparations will be performed together with industrial partners on bigger pilot plants or on their in house facilities.
WP4. Food safety: Chemical, toxicological and microbiological risks assessments.
The new antimicrobial packaging solutions developed in WP2 and WP3 and the new intelligent packaging solution developed in WP6 will be tested in WP4 for different chemical, toxicological and microbiological risks.
WP5. Food quality and shelf life
The overall strategy of WP5 is to provide information related to the effectiveness in fresh fish, fresh chicken and minimally processed vegetables of the new packages developed
The results obtained will be used to readjust materials/packaging design in WP2 and WP3.